world première CD recording of George Antheil's astonishing Fourth Sonata (Wergo Records 6664-2) by Guy Livingston, who has performed the complete works of Antheil.


a small taste of minimalism from composer John Adams: "China Gates" (recorded in The Hague by Guy Livingston)

performance art and theatrical performances by Guy Livingston


Landscapes Series: Podcasts about America!


performance by Guy Livingston at Tufts University: Ballet mécanique, the amazing masterpiece by composer George Antheil, a work which defined 1920's Paris and the Lost Generation...written for 16 player pianos, and massive amounts of percussion. This new version, arranged by Guy Livingston, is for solo piano and electronics.





A rousing minimalist masterpiece by composer Rein Rannap: "Cruise Control" (Live in Amsterdam) performed by Guy Livingston


Something more classical - Maurice Ravel: Trio (Live at the Festival de Cluny in France)



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