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Lecture @ NYU February 20th, 2021

Silence revisited: framing and re-framing John Cage’s 4’33” on YouTube Just as John Cage was influenced by diverse and non-musical sources from Zen to Thoreau so did his creation of the silence piece (4’33”) have effects far beyond the world of classical music. Amateurs, pranksters, death-metal bands, architects, and students have embraced it, each finding their own meaning. Hundreds of these versions are available on YouTube, and have been a rich source in my recent research. As part of my artistic practice,


The Speed of Silence

The Speed of Silence (english below) Ned McGowan (fluitist en componist) en Guy Livingston (pianist en radiomaker) brengen hun artistieke interesses samen in een innovatieve, interactieve voorstelling die livemuziek combineert met een dia- en filmvoorstelling, lezing en interactie met het publiek. McGowan en Livingston doen – naast hun bestaan als kunstenaars – artistiek onderzoek (PhD) aan de Universiteit Leiden. Ned McGowan onderzoekt het fenomeen snelheid in muziek, vanuit een uitvoerende en compositorische invalshoek. Guy Livingston onderzoekt stilte en de vele


NEC Piano Department Lecture

NEC lecture notes from Guy Livingston, created for a lecture at the New England Conservatory. But these links are useful for all young pianists looking for new romantic repertoire…enjoy! LINKS: Gershwin Songbooks (arr for solo piano): Vanessa Lann – toy piano music: Lann – entranced by the beckoning light: Lann – Leaps of Faith: Bolcom – Serpent’s Kiss: Frederic Mompou: Prokofiev -Romeo and Juliet “Pern” by Yann Tiersen Cloud Atlas by Mark Fowler: “One Summer’s Day” by Joe



Much to my astonishment, I have become briefly (and marginally) famous for my role (miniscule) in a film about Hollywood beauty Hedy Lamarr. Not only was she the sexiest woman on screen in the 1940s and 50s, but she also was an inventor, and worked with my favorite composer, George Antheil, on a patent for a “secret communications device”. Although nothing came of their brilliant invention, it turned out to be a stunning preview of frequency hopping, a technique which

Moon Gallery Artwork

Moon Gallery

Guy Livingston is one of a hundred artists selected to create art for the Moon Gallery, which will probably be launched into space and land on the moon in 2022. This project, sponsored by ESTEC (European Space Agency) offers the chance to reflect on the issues of colonization, space travel, memory, politics, and space-time. From now until January 1st, you can view a model of the Moon Gallery and many of the artworks, including mine, at the old Observatory of


Antheil the Futurist

Liner Notes for Antheil the Futurist In 1920, a brash young composer from New Jersey named George Antheil decided to be the “most ultra” of the avant-garde, quarreled with his teachers, and transformed himself into a concert pianist. His cousin Robert Antheil remembered many years later: “At that time George was getting ready for his trip to Europe and was practicing all day long. The keys on the piano were worn through the ivory and down into the wood. He