UNDER/CITY/SOUND: The Hague in time of quarantine

A city is connected by roads, trams, cars, electricity and internet cables; but also by sounds, which ignore borders, and echo from one street to another, from one neighborhood to another. And that sonic landscape completely altered under Covid-19. First there was disbelief, shock, fear. Then there was a period of getting used to it: the city was beautiful –  quiet  – calm. And now life very rapidly is going somewhere else, and there’s a danger that we are already forgetting that feeling of peace, like mercury: precious and evanescent. The five-episode sound-art podcast UNDER/CITY/SOUND brings together people with different backgrounds from all over The Hague to share their listening experiences under quarantine.

The podcasts will be spaced 1 week apart.

in Dutch and in English

12 minutes each

5 episodes

LISTEN TO THE PREVIEW BELOW (or click here for ep. 1)

/// produced and directed by Guy Livingston with the support of Stroom ///