UNDER/CITY/SOUND: The Hague in time of quarantine

A city is connected by roads, trams, cars, electricity and internet cables; but also by sounds, which ignore borders, and echo from one street to another, from one neighborhood to another. And that sonic landscape completely altered under Covid-19. First there was disbelief, shock, fear. Then there was a period of getting used to it: the city was beautiful –  quiet  – calm. And now life very rapidly is going somewhere else, and there’s a danger that we are already forgetting that feeling of peace, which was like mercury: precious and evanescent. Guy Livingston’s five-episode sound-art podcast UNDER/CITY/SOUND brings together people with different backgrounds from all over The Hague to share their listening experiences under quarantine.

Featured Audio during the Sound Around Kaliningrad Festival 2020!

in Dutch and in English

±12 minutes each

5 episodes

featured in Sound Around Kaliningrad Festival October 2020!

/// produced and directed by Guy Livingston with the support of Stroom ///