Silent Listening Walk

This is a silent walking tour created for KABK design students on October 2nd. INSTRUCTIONSTry to walk through the city quietly, listening to the sounds around you. Turn off your phone, and focus on your senses. Of course the visual, because the architecture is varied and interesting. But also the sound, and the smells…sometimes just … Read moreSilent Listening Walk

Podcast Episode 1: “like a prison”

Lockdown begins suddenly in Holland, and people react with shock, disbelief, and sometimes relief… trouble listening? try this link to download an mp3… Featuring Ali, Alexandra, Yun, Nanda, Guy, Renzo, Maria, René, Stephie, Jeroen, and some seagulls. This is a podcast about quarantine. My typical podcasts are factual, more like documentaries. But I thought that … Read morePodcast Episode 1: “like a prison”

Podcast Episode 2: “hey, google!”

trouble listening? try this link to download an mp3 Welcome to episode 2 of Under/City/Sound, a podcast about Quarantine in The Hague. Fourteen people tell their stories of lockdown, and finding meaning in small pleasures. In this episode, my son tells about watching chickens grow via Zoom; my wife’s aunt Marijke talks about her new … Read morePodcast Episode 2: “hey, google!”

Podcast Episode 3: “niet normaal”

The Dutch phrase “niet normaal” means “not normal” or (depending on whom you talk to) “totally f’d up“… trouble streaming the episode? download it here via dropbox… This show is about racism, conflict, and sickness. It’s also about the damned neighbors who decided to rebuild their entire house during quarantine when you had nowhere to … Read morePodcast Episode 3: “niet normaal”

Podcast Episode 4: “blissonance”

Just a warning to parents: this episode contains some adult material. If you want a more kid-friendly episode, skip to number 5. This episode is called “blissonance” in english, and “huidhonger” in dutch. Both are intriguing portmanteau words from the coronacrisis. There’s a great word in Dutch: HUIDHONGER: It’s a word that describes the hunger … Read morePodcast Episode 4: “blissonance”

/// produced and directed by Guy Livingston with the support of Stroom ///