Podcast Episode 1: “like a prison”

Lockdown begins suddenly in Holland, and people react with shock, disbelief, and sometimes relief…

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Featuring Ali, Alexandra, Yun, Nanda, Guy, Renzo, Maria, René, Stephie, Jeroen, and some seagulls.

This is a podcast about quarantine. My typical podcasts are factual, more like documentaries. But I thought that the best way to tell this story was in an emotional way. Think of it as “cinema for the ears”…the soundtrack to a movie on your headphones. Oh, and if you’re not listening on headphones, put ‘em on now. Our sound designer Erik Hense will be grateful.

The five episodes weave together the stories of 14 people in The Hague…but these stories are universal. At the beginning of the lockdown, there was shock, grief, and fear. In episode one, you’ll hear how people reacted, how upset they were…. It’s a dark episode, but don’t worry, next week’s show is more cheerful. 

Meanwhile, a huge thanks to all of the people who generously shared their personal stories of lockdown…

Lambchop: “My Blue Wave” from the album Is a Woman
Nubim: “Between Silence and Light”
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2YtSvWq
Apple music: https://apple.co/3hmHH4R

“Futura Vecchia” from A Responsibility to Awe by Rebecca Elson, read by Aletta Becker.

5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 1: “like a prison”

  1. Certainly this is cinema without pictures, great. It would also classify as a piece of art in its own right, except (perhaps) the use of recorded music. 

  2. I can imagine some people might experience it as a bit dangerous / scary. The previous series was very much a podcast as per the textbook, this is much more experimental… and (literally) picturesque, indeed… 
    I love it though! 

  3. Listening to your podcast, I hear many of the same things I hear here. The rain has shifted to wild, wild wind. Tempestuous. Unsettling.

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