Podcast Episode 2: “hey, google!”

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Welcome to episode 2 of Under/City/Sound, a podcast about Quarantine in The Hague. Fourteen people tell their stories of lockdown, and finding meaning in small pleasures.

in this photo, Wart shows an experiment with brewing, involving various types of alcohol and sugar. You can hear them dripping in the podcast!

In this episode, my son tells about watching chickens grow via Zoom; my wife’s aunt Marijke talks about her new gadget, which is a mini google speaker that got her through lockdown; Foued talks about cycling around town everyday because the gym was closed; Yun remembers hearing all kinds of (and sometimes too much) music on the street; Ali remembers walking through the dunes and Gerrit walks through nature and discovers new paths. And Wart talks about brewing fizzy drinks from berries and flowers. (see photo below)

This series of 5 podcasts is produced and directed by Guy Livingston, with sound design by Erik Hense. Under/City/Sound is made possible by a grant from Stroom Den Haag.

Music for this episode: jazz composition for solo piano: “La Mer” (world première broadcast) by the talented french-dutch jazz pianist Guillaume Marcenac; mini piano interludes by Guy Livingston. Additional clips by Lambchop (“My Blue Wave”) and Sean Paul (“Temperature”).

/// produced and directed by Guy Livingston with the support of Stroom ///