Podcast Episode 3: “niet normaal”

The Dutch phrase “niet normaal” means “not normal” or (depending on whom you talk to) “totally f’d up“…

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This show is about racism, conflict, and sickness. It’s also about the damned neighbors who decided to rebuild their entire house during quarantine when you had nowhere to go. But most of all this show is not about annoyance, it’s about struggle.

For me it this process has been wrenching emotionally, trying to make sense of people’s stories and paint a picture of society through their voices.

Think of it as “cinema for the ears”…the soundtrack to a movie on your headphones. Oh, and if you’re not listening on headphones, please do. If you don’t have good headphones, try listening in your car (park it first!). Our sound designer Erik Hense will be grateful. I’ve been driving him crazy with so many tracks and voices.

The piano music is by myself (Guy Livingston), the opening song is by Lambchop, and the closing song (“New Rules”) is by Jay Watts.

Guests on this week’s episode, in order of appearance: Alexandra, Stephie, Jeroen, Aletta, Saskia, Ali, Yun, Foued, and Nanda. Sound design by Erik Hense.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 3: “niet normaal”

  1. nice to hear these different takes on the blm protests. things are f***d up now.

  2. Rascism is not going to end by itself. THe Jay Watts song is cool – play more of that nexttime.

    • Hi RR22, glad you liked the Jay Watts song. It’s from a Bandcamp Album produced by Rough Trade – all proceeds go to BLM causes.
      Best, G

    • thanks! I recorded ten different variations of the piano tune, and one or two of them came out nicely. glad you like it.

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