Podcast Episode 4: “blissonance”

Just a warning to parents: this episode contains some adult material. If you want a more kid-friendly episode, skip to number 5.

This episode is called “blissonance” in english, and “huidhonger” in dutch. Both are intriguing portmanteau words from the coronacrisis. There’s a great word in Dutch: HUIDHONGER: It’s a word that describes the hunger for skin, the hunger for touch, hunger for the physical.

I had some trouble making this episode. I think there’s a kind of corona fatigue. Everybody wants to get back to normal life now, and that’s frustrating because it’s not coming back. This episode is about the physical things that keep us going: sports, music, dancing, food, and sex. 

  • Playlist:
  • ReOrder (online remix for Luminosity Festival 2020);
  • Orféo (Monteverdi – Le Concert d’Astrée & Emmanuelle Haïm);
  • Monday 12AM (Misja Helsloot);
  • I’m Going Slightly Mad (Queen).
I took this photo in The Hague, liking the ambiguity. what is going on here? you decide.
/// produced and directed by Guy Livingston with the support of Stroom ///