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Radio Interview Archives
Live in Los Angeles: One-Man Antheil Show (4Mb).....Listen to Antheil's Ballet mécanique, performed in Paris: (first 2 minutes 2Mb) (full radio show 20Mb).....National Public Radio Antheil show (real audio or windows media format)...and NPR Sunday Weekend Edition Don't Panic Show 2002 (mp3) interview with Guy Livingston: Listen .....60 Seconds Interview in Los Angeles, California on KPCC (real audio)....

Concert Archives

Magdeburg SinusTon Festival - 24. Oktober 2013 MAGDEBURG. A totally new and incredible version of Ballet mécanique: for one pianist and electronics! Engineered by Paul Lehrman, arranged by Guy Livingston.
World Premiere Performance. - www.sinusTon.org. CinéCygne dimanche 17 novembre PARIS
Studio le Regard du Cygne: Des films fran¨ais, tseckoslovaques, et japonais - abstraits, tristes, ou comiques, en passant par le surréalisme, le modernisme, l'enfance. Des musiques improvisées, drôles ou sérieuses, parfois composées. Deux pianistes jouent le jeu au fond, dans une ambiance théatrale et informelle.
Des clins d'oeil au DaDa, Fluxus et Ragtime! www.leregarducygne.com/musique/carnegiesmall-cine-cygne/. Ives Concord Sonata, jeudi 28 Novembre 2013, Umlaut Records Festival.

Fresno, California - Film Festival. One Minute More film screening .....Paris: Atelier de la Main d'Or - Henry Cowell Program.......November Music November 16th. Verkadefabriek. Den Bosch. Premiere of "One Minute More", Kunsthuis 13, Velp. November 23rd. "One Minute More", Eindhoven, November 27. Muziekcentrum Frits Philips. "One Minute More", Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art: November 28 and 30: Dada at the Movies, Amsterdam, DVD release concert - December 9. Het Bethaniënklooster. "One Minute More", Utrecht. Theater Kikker. December 17 "One Minute More", Baseball and Music Exposition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, in which the infamous New York Times article, and Annie Gosfield's score mourning the Brooklyn Dodgers both feature prominently - the opening of this show featured microbrewed beer and hotdogs. Livingston's CD "Don't Panic" is also part of the exhibit. .......60 second composition by Guy Livingston, as part of 60x60, at Galapagos in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. September 5th and 6th at 8:00 pm. .....Theatre Dunois (Paris). Ensemble Aleph 25th Anniversary Concert. May 31st....July 13-26, 2008: UC Fresno (California): Recitals and Masterclasses with Ben Boone and the Kronos Quartet, as part of SummerArts.....Santa Cruz: Cowell, Crumb, Ives, and Antheil. July 27th, 2008......Zutphen 4 dada concerts, May 19th. Tour with the Ensemble Aleph and Verge Ensemble, April 20-27th: Loyola College (Baltimore); Ensemble Aleph: La Maison Française (Washington); Ensemble Aleph: Corcoran Gallery (Washington) ; Guy Livingston, solo: NYPL (New York City) May 3rd: Henry Cowell Portrait. ; Guy Livingston, solo: Chapelle du Bon Pasteur  (Montreal) May 12 , at 8pm: Carte Blanche à Guy Livingston. (Dada at the Movies)   Fondation suisse - Salon Le Corbussier. Dada Salon 11 Feb 2008 ... Atelier de la Main d'Or, Paris. November 17th. Piano 4-mains. Satie, Poulenc, Ndodana. 20h.....South Africa (Stellenbosch). January 2008. Satie 4 hands + Stravinsky 3 hands.... Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris. October 4th. Solo Recital. Free admission. Sixty Seconds 2: a sneak preview of some of the new one-minute pieces. 15 boulevard Jourdan, 75014, RER Cité Universitaire. 8:30pm....Kunsthuis 13, Velp, The Netherlands. November 11, 2007. Dada at the Movies...Festival de Cluny, July 7, 2007 (Solo Recital: Prokofiev 7th Sonata and Ives Concord Sonata);Musée d'Art Moderne, Strasbourg, June 20 [note new date], 2007 (Ciné qua Dada); Carte Blanche à Guy Livingston: Four concerts as guest director of the Ensemble Aleph and the Contemporary Music Forum, Theatre Dunois, Paris, May 25 & 26, 2007 (festivale de musique américaine) Read coverage of the concert: (ConcertoNet.com); DeLink, Tilburg, Netherlands, May 8 2007 (Dada at the Movies). Jury member, Orléans Concours de Musique Contemporaine - "Brin d'Herbe". March 2007; Association of Performing Arts Presentors (APAP), Fazioli Salon, New York City. January 22. Benefit concert for Bethesda Children's Red Cross Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, January 12, 2007. CD Release: Fall 2006, New World Records (Antheil 2nd Piano Concerto) (read reviews); South American Music Festival: MuziekGebouw, Bamzaal, Amsterdam, December 10, 2006. (Kagel, Arditto); Galerie Marzee: Nijmegen, December 17, 2006. ("The Shape of Music: Graphic Scores"); Benefit Concert for South African children. October 21, 2006...Dutch Design Days: Temporary Arts Center, Eindhoven (NL). October 22. (Dada at the Movies)...HOLLAND FESTIVAL, June 2006. Amsterdam, WestergasFabriek. Silent films and their original piano music. Artistic overview of the show. (or click here for program and tech requirements) "Dada at the Movies" ...Guy Livingston presents a Dada Cinémathèque: silent films of the 1920's, with live music at the piano, reconstructed from the originals. (see video clips) CLUNY FESTIVAL: July 8, 9, and 10th, 2006: Cluny (Burgundy), France. Chamber music (Weill, Stroë, Kagel, Ravel, Brahms) GHENT DAYS PIANO FESTIVAL: July 20th, Ghent, Belgium: Dada at the Movies. THEATRE DUNOIS: June 3rd, 2006, Paris: Chamber music (Stroë, Antheil)...Academie Musicale de Villecroze (Var), France: April 14, 2006 (piano duo performances)...Robeco Kasteel Concert April 4...SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR: March 12-17, 2006 (Cape Town, Johanessburg, Pietermaritzburg)...Miller Theater, New York City on Oct 7th, 2005....Philadelphia Virtuosi on Oct 9th...Manheim, Germany on Nov 7th...Bergen, Netherlands on Nov 18th...Amsterdam Nov 27th, 2005.


with a rock n roll barber in Nijmegen


with the ensemble aleph and verge ensemble at loyola college

ready for burgers, beer, crabcakes and cheesecakes


Filming in the Dutch Polders

(DJ) Tennessee Livingston

Dutch Design Days: Dada Deconstructed

Villecroze 2006

in the director's chair


Cluny 2006

Maria, pianist

Christophe, cellist

Beth, food critic

Pierre-Stéph, sax

Noémi, violinist

Guy with cellist Christophe Roy, composer Camille Roy, and composer Aurel Stroë

burgundian cow (if it's got long hair, it's a charolais) and pigeonier


Morna, photographer

c'est l'heure du pastis?

Holland Festival 2006


with Daan, a metrenome, and unidentified bearded statue



PHILADELPHIA VIRTUOSI recording sessions for the Antheil Concerto

These photos do not show the actual sessions, which were a little tense, not to mention stressful! This is afterwards, when all was over, and we could finally relax...

What are we looking at? seems fishy.