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Two New Immersive Shows!
in 2016/17: ArchitectuurMusik
, an immersive program of piano, video, and electronics. Featuring Music for Airports (Brian Eno), Guy's solo arrangement of Canto Ostinato (Simeon ten Holt); The Great Gate of Kiev by Mussorgsky (piano arrangament); a Talking Heads cover; an opportunity for the audience to "play the building"; and a new work by Cléo Palacio-Quentin.

in 2017/18: The Concert of Broken Relationships: Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet Piano Suite; songs by Laurie Anderson; and premières to be announced.

Theatrical One-Man Shows
Bad Boy of Music
, scenes from Antheil's life in Paris and Hollywood
One Minute More sixty composers, sixty pieces, sixty seconds each PLUS sixty films
John Cage in a Bathtub
(unpredictable music and anecdotes)
Dada at the Movies (avant-garde silent films of the 1920s, with live music)
Piano and Politics: Keys of Change - vanguard piano music with a political agenda
Erik Satie and Fashion: Guy plays Sports et Divertissements, with a live fashion show from the 1910's

Piano Recitals
Sweet 'n Sour, the music of Boulez and Monk
Prokofiev Sonatas and Visions Fugitives
Henry Cowell
Portrait - The Tides of Manuanuan - (In search of Henry Cowell)
Ives Concord Sonata
George Antheil, The Lost Piano Sonatas
L'impressionisme improvisée de Debussy, Poulenc et Ravel

Five Reasons to Listen to Livingston: