Don’t Panic: sixty seconds for piano

“Daring to be New” —Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“All about risk” —Sports Illustrated

“Bravura emblematic of the richness than one minute can hold… A postmodern fantasy.. Superbly shows off Guy Livingston’s vocal and fingerwork virtuosity.”
—Le Monde

“The composers create radical and independent worlds, full of charm or anguish.” Coup de Coeur Award —Piano Magazine

“Cutting Edge”—Paris Free Voice

“Taking Excess to Extremes” —Bernard Holland, The New York Times

The CD mixes a wide range of new music styles ranging from jazzy and neo-classical works through virtuosic- serialism and unsettling performance-art. Dutch minimalist Louis Andriessen, Rome Prize winner Derek Bermel, agent provocateur Atsushi Yoshinaka, multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp, Guggenheim Fellow and genre-bender Donal Fox, and Pulitzer-prize winner William Bolcom lead off a list of talented composers. This is a brilliant new CD on Wergo Records (Germany) created by American pianist Guy Livingston to showcase the endless possibilities of new turn-of-the-century music: This is not your father’s piano recital.

ex tempore, by Marek Zebrowski, performed by Guy Livingston (Fazioli piano) in Paris.
one minute composition by Simonis, performed by Guy Livingston (Fazioli piano) in Paris.

Speed Study 1, by Dan Warburton

WENDIGO, by Jonathan Katz

Losing it again, by Daniel Landau

What if I just said…, by Carl Faia


Step out of the Car, by Roger Kleier

The Scream, by Donal Fox

Database of Desire, by James Baiye

“scendi un minuto”, by Roberto Andreoni

Mason and Dixon, by Brian Escriv

Brooklyn, October 5, 1941, by Annie Gosfield

re: dance (PNMR), by Paul Beaudoin

Ex tempore, by Marek Zebrowski

not [an] anfang, by Louis Andriessen

Spangles, by Christopher Culpo

42 Second Piano, by Isak Goldschneider

Conflict of Interest, by Richard Brooks

Joke, by Danielle Baas

Cowboy Song, by Charles Shadle

Who asked you?, by Sophie de Wit

EIGHT 8, by Pepe-Tonino Caravaggio

Watermelon Revisited, by T.J. Anderson

The Kodaly Method, by Paul Von Hippel

NA’OU’RA (the Wedding Dance), by Eilon Aviram

59” of Piano, by Jonathan Norton

cold springs branch, 10 p.m., by Alan Frederick Shockley

Hammerklavier XI, by Moritz Eggert

MEDITATION, by Derek Bermel

Tonal Imagery, by Tuyet A. Tran

Slusha, for C.E., by Fritz Lauer

A 60-second Ballet (for chickens), by William Bolcom

Two-Chord Warp, by Joshua Cody

GIRO 1, by Joanna Bailie

1’ de Tonio Kröger, by Martial Robert

Absolutis-s, by Patricia Elizabeth Martinez

PASSATEMPO, by Riccardo Vaglini

im afraid you might ask for a fragment of my soul, by Gene Pritsker

Nakano-ku (à S.D.), by Newt Hinton

Moondrunk, by Ketty Nez

xxx.rhapsody, by Patrick Callahan

prelude 1, by Yoichi Togawa

Punch and Judy’s Waltz, by Barbara Engel

Miro Sketch: Mostly Yellow, by Joseph (Butch) Rovan

Sonata Moirai, by Frederick Frahm

Jenseits des Guten und des Bösen, by Victor Ekimovsky

Verschiebung, by Alper Maral

Piano Piece for Guy, by Stéphane Leach

piece for paws, by Ketzel Cotel

DD (Double D), by Vanessa Lann

Minute Rice, by Walter Haven

Saltarello for Guy, by Giovanni Mancuso

Polis, by Sergio Pallante

réveil, by D. Andrew Stewart

Snaps, by Elliott Sharp

Specks, by Robert Eidschun

Prelude, by Lionel Sainsbury

Tight, by Rick Carrick

Thinking, by Walter Sanchez

HARU NO YOI-Miyabi no Uta, by Atsushi Yoshinaka

Parce-que je le vaux bien, by Atanasio Khyrsh

Theft, by Lansing D. McLoskey