Guy on Film

Commercial Releases

A clip from Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (Howard Hughes clip). Guy Livingston appears as an expert and pianist in the film.

BIOPIC: Hedy Lammar was one of the most beautiful actresses of all time – and she invented a torpedo control system with composer George Antheil. Guy Livingston’s voice narrates the story of the torpedo and how brilliant it was. “Bombshell” opened in movie theaters across the US in November 2017, and is now available on Netflix.

DVD RELEASE: Guy Livingston features as a scholar and pianist in the documentary “Bad Boy Made Good.” Covering the genesis and rebirth of Antheil’s Ballet mécanique, as led by midi-visionary Paul Lehrman, the highly entertaining film is available at and 

Experimental films

performance by Guy Livingston at Tufts University: Ballet mécanique by composer George Antheil, from the 1920’s – one of the great works of dadaist art of all time. The film is by Picabia, Man Ray, and Fernand Leger. The music is by George Antheil, this version is arranged by Guy Livingston, with technical wizardry by Paul Lehrman.

from Guy’s One Minute More DVD: “The Piece that Anton Webern Wrote”, by composer Anders Jallen, filmed by Nelleke Koop; from One Minute More.

video by Guy Livingston, music by Alvin Curran, from the One Minute More series.

video by Guy Livingston/Newt Hinton, text and music by Art Jarvinen, from the One Minute More series.

video by Guy Livingston/Newt Hinton. Soundtrack by Oliver Schneller. From the One Minute More series and DVD.

video design, piano and vocals by Guy Livingston. Music and vocals by Pamela Z. Text by the TSA.