Keys of Change

film by Newt Hinton, piano and vocals by Guy Livingston. Music and vocals by Pamela Z. Text by the TSA.

Ever since I was recruited into the library union at university, I’ve been involved in politics, but recently I’ve been focusing on political action in art. Here’s a sample video: This is a piece about the baggage we carry with us, and the surveillance state which is watching what we carry. I’ve also created dozens of radio shows on the music of activism.
Most exciting is the duo-piano program I’m developing with pianist and composer Donal Fox.

Keys of Change features music of Rzewski, Tom Waits, Sergei Prokofiev, Frederick Chopin, Cornelius Cardew, Glass/Ginsberg, Laurie Anderson, Pamela Z, Gene Pritsker, and Thelonius Monk…

plus! a new and wild composition by Donal Fox: Star Spangled Banner Fractured(live performance in the Netherlands)

This program also exists in a duo version, with pianist and composer Donal Fox, entitled “Revolution in Black + White“.