Moon Gallery

Guy Livingston is one of a hundred artists selected to create art for the Moon Gallery, which will probably be launched into space and land on the moon in 2022. This project, sponsored by ESTEC (European Space Agency) offers the chance to reflect on the issues of colonization, space travel, memory, politics, and space-time.

From now until January 1st, you can view a model of the Moon Gallery and many of the artworks, including mine, at the old Observatory of Leiden University in the context of the Close Cosmos project. Visits are by appointment, but free. Contact me if you’d like a guided tour. Also you can watch this video from the opening of the exhibition: 



I tried to incorporate some of these themes into my artwork. Although I have been designing artist boxes for years, this is the smallest one I ever made, at just under 1 cubic centimeter.

My contribution involved burning a poem (see below) whose ash will travel to the moon.

presentation poster describing Guy’s artwork to be sent to the moon by the European Space Agency in approximately 2022.