Pianist and producer Guy Livingston launched his career in 1998 with a best-selling CD called “Don't Panic”. Back for an encore ten years later, Livingston has commissioned sixty new composers from all over the world, and is currently on location in Holland shooting sixty films with a group of innovative filmmakers. Each film is paired with a specific composer's music, and the results are now available on DVD. The show is currently touring, both in a ‘live' concert version (with Mr. Livingston at the piano), and a dolby surround- sound version, for film festivals.

The films are directed by regisseur Nelleke Koop, Thijs Schreuder, Juan de Graaf, Newt Hinton, and Menno Otten, and include animations, abstract films, classical treatments, and docu-fictions. The composers use techniques ranging from modern-classical through DJ-based minimalism and on to theatrical performance-art. All are premieres written for Mr. Livingston. In the live version, the piano music and the films are presented by Livingston in a performance which is visually exciting and musically daring.


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