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new york times article about Guy Livingston, pianist
New York Times Weekend Feature


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Fanfare: splendid sound

Journale Cluny-Macon: Brilliantissime

The Fresno Bee: Livingston is on a mission to bring Antheil's music into the standard repertoire for the piano, and this evening's performance made a magnificent contribution to that effort...wickedly entertaining...The Jazz Sonata came off with the energy of sparkling wine.

All Music Guide: The task of playing Antheil's piano music well is in itself quite a feat. It requires the stamina and agility of a boxer tempered with the sensitivity of a poet and a mathematician's sense of logic. Livingston is the champion on all counts, and this is the best compact disc of George Antheil's piano music ever.

Gramophone Magazine: He has spent some years preparing and presenting these little-known works, and it shows: his interpretations, like his pianism, deserve the highest praise

American Record Guide
: These lively, witty, impressive works…represent the entire range of Antheil’s art, from bad-boy crazy stuff like Sonate Sauvage to the grim monumentality of late pieces like Sonata No. 5. Some, like the opening of Sonata No. 4 and the finale of No. 3, have a childlike impishness and exuberance similar to Prokofiev. Livingstons’s performances can only be called heroic : unflinchingly wacky, and over-the-top in the
avant-garde sonatas, sober and stark in the late ones. An outstanding release and an important one.

Münchner Merkur: "A microcosm of the very newest music: one is overwhelmed by the extensive differentiation of technique and form...Modern music is rarely so multi-dimensional, rich in changes and exciting."

: "Here one finds only winning minutes. Livingston jumped from one musical idiom to the next with fantastic skill. "

Sports Illustrated
: "The students watched spell-bound as Livingston rolled the balls back and forth over the keys and reached inside the piano to rake them across the strings. At last, after striking the piano's soundboard with a ball to create the final note, he tossed it high into the air and caught it. "It's a piece about risk," said Livingston. "You can't drop the ball."

Le Monde
: "Don't Panic" applies above all to the pianist himself, required to display-notably during the interpretation of this collection in concert-an incredible versatility. ...superbly shows off Guy Livingston's vocal and fingerwork virtuosity. ...In fact, we listened to some pieces many times in a row, through pure pleasure, or in an attempt to pierce their mystery. "

Süddeutsche Zeitung
: "It is hard to decide whether to marvel more over Livingston's breathtaking ability, his high musical intelligence, or his theatrical humor. "

American Record Guide
: "Livingston's playing is assured and expert... Wergo's superb engineering captures Livingston's instrument with exemplary strength, clarity, and immediacy. Why can't everyone record the piano this well? "

Classics Today
: "This is one of the freshest and most entertaining new music piano discs of 2001, and it deserves to sell millions... splendid engineering... affable and imaginative. " (10/10)

: "Antheil's perfect champion"

The New York Times: "A pianist with a flair for modernism"

Fono Forum
: "Great independence and virtuosity"

Pizzicato Magazine
: "The fact is that Livingston has done an outstanding job of arranging these miniatures, providing a cleverly navigated musical flow. Don't Panic! This CD is a piece of our world!"