Radio Highlights

“Livingston jumps from one musical idiom to the next with fantastic skill”

These are some highlights from shows I produced in the last few years… (most of these are short excerpts from feature-length shows).

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The Cathedral and the Box for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Earshot)
first in a series on music and architecture, featuring John Cage, Perotin, Leonin, the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, and the anechoic chamber at Harvard University.

Rediscovering Marc Bliztstein for the WFMT Radio Network
four episodes in a complete and powerful discovery of activist composer Marc Blitzstein’s amazing life and music. Featuring the stories of Cradle Will Rock (banned by the Federal Government in 1937) and the opera Sacco and Vanzetti, unfinished at the time of Blitzstein’s tragic death.

Disability and Music: The Case of the One-Armed Pianist for ABC (Earshot)
The one-armed pianist who made the genre famous was Paul Wittgenstein, injured in the war, and miraculously able to revive his piano career by dint of hard work and a family fortune. Livingston merges his story with the equally compelling tale of a young and talented modern British pianist.

Landscapes Series: New World Symphonies for ConcertZender Radio
Thirteen sweeping episodes brought to you on Concertzender Radio and now available as podcasts on iTunes. Produced and hosted by Guy Livingston. Music of Charles Ives, John Luther Adams, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Henry Mancini, Philip Glass, Paula Prestini, Ferde Grofé, and more.
Thanks to the Aaron Copland Fund for Music and the Amphion Foundation for their support. 

In Search of Henry Cowell for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Into the Music)
two episodes about this maverick American composer and inventor who, despite many personal challenges (including 4 years in San Quentin prison) managed to create a fascinating and powerful body of work, ranging from magisterial American symphonies to quirky avant-garde piano works.

George Antheil: Rise and Fall of a Composer for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Into the Music)
one documentary feature covering the colorful life of the self-proclaimed “Bad Boy of Music” 

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