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CZ-color logoAmerican Highways looks and listens to the intersections between the arts in the American 20th century. As a programmer, I seek to explore the forgotten periods of history, to uncover musical treasures, to understand the convergence between visual art and music, to find connections between architecture, dance, and sound. Maverick composers such as Ives, Cage, Antheil, Nancarrow, and Partch are a source of inspiration. So are artists and thinkers such as Buckminster Fuller, Merce Cunningham, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, and Man Ray.

A monthly broadcast hosted by Guy Livingston (programmer, director, and chief bottle-washer) from 6 to 7pm every Friday.


as lead by a ghost hand, I clicked for the first time on something in your email podcast, Guy, (I am sorry and I regret, that I didn´t do it before). After I had some difficulties, then suddenly I heard the voice of Guy and after some music from Chris. I am very happy and pleased, beautiful music, discussions in the spirit of late parisien evenings.
Finished the Tinguely show this morning. Super excellent show!! Loved all the music! 😉  Will immediately go to the Stedelijk this afternoon.
The world imploding tendencies have me tempted by the archi-local: I took delight in seeing a red-breasted nuthatch in a snowy spruce and a purposeful line of coyote tracks on a frozen lake yesterday. Maybe that's enough to avoid pessimism.
Just heard the first installment. Really fine work. I love the way you make the story unfold.
Too cool! I’m going to be checking this out on the beaten path over the next time.
I love this!
ik heb pas een deel van je programma kunnen beluisteren, een minuut of 21, maar het is fascinerend. Een ontdekking! Nooit de naam van Blitzstein gehoord. Heb je nog meer dergelijke ontdekkingen?  Ik hoop er nog meer van te kunnen horen.En wat een goede zaak dat de ConcertZender voor dergelijke programme ruimte biedt. Gefeliciteerd!
Hello Guy,Great show today! Very interesting. Didn’t really know anything of this composer.
Just listened to your program about Cradle. This is a subject I know very well (for various reasons) and I thought your treatment of it was terrific! Looking forward to the other three programs!
Mooi initiatief, Guy!Hartelijke groeten



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  1. Guy, I’m going to the Rothko exhibition next week and was so excited to find your broadcast. You suggest downloading and listening as we walk round the Gemeentemuseum, but I can’t find how to download it. Can you help? Thanks, Jane

  2. And my mother writes from Philadelphia:
    “I forgot to tell you in that Laurie Anderson film when her dog goes blind, she lets her make sculpture every day, and take piano lessons.
    Surprisingly, Lolabelle uses both paws, not at once, but in some pattern of alternation, barking after each sound. So not only cats can play. My favorite parts of the film were Anderson’s thoughts about the dog.”

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