Podcast: The Madras Symphony

Symphonic Series Number 7!!

listen-to-CZ-buttonnow-on-itunes-buttonscreen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-30-16-pmHenry Cowell’s symphonic series, Episode 7: including two broadcast premieres! As we continue with our ongoing survey of one of the great American composers, this is an evening to discover an unreleased and radically innovative sympony, his thirteenth. Cowell composed an astonishing variety of symphonic works – large and small, intimate and bombastic, funny and poignant. An ardent ethnomusicologist, his experience in India was a life-altering one.

In this episode of American Highways, pianist Guy Livingston brings us orchestral music by this little-known american master: The Madras Symphony and “If he please” an orchestral-choral work which is also a world broadcast premiere (as far as I know).

AMERICAN HIGHWAYS #68: Henry Cowell – The Madras Symphony


screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-29-59-pmTheme Music :
Henry Cowell
Symphony #11 “Seven Rituals of Music
VI. Vivace
Robert Whitney: Louisville Orchestra
First Edition FECD-0003

Henry Cowell
Saxophone Quartet
Ulrich Krieger, Intersax Quartet
Mode Records 293

Henry Cowell
i. Alapna. Andante rubato
ii. Tala Adi (16/4). Allegretto
iii. Allegro
iv. Andante
v. Allegro
Juilliard School Orchestra
unreleased (by special permission of the Juilliard School, NY)

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-30-11-pmGeorge Antheil
Golden Bird
Guy Livingston, pianist
Wergo 6762-2

Henry Cowell
Ensemble for String Quintet and Thunder Sticks: Adagio
Terry King & Roger Vetter
Naxos Digital CD-4685

Henry Cowell
Cowell: Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 3 (1954)
Jorge Mester conducts the Louisville Orchestra
First Edition FECD-0003

Henry Cowell
The New York Oratorio Society, the boys’ choirs of St. John the Divine and St. Thomas’ Church; with William Strickland conducting.
re-released as NWCRL165 (courtesy of CRI/New World Records)


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