Podcast 106: Bolcom’s Piano Music

In this episode of American Highways, pianist Guy Livingston brings us piano music by eccentric, innovative, and inspiring American composer William Bolcom.

Bolcom was awarded the 1988 Pulitzer Prize in Music for his 12 New Etudes for piano, and his music has always revolved around the instrument on which he still performs as a soloist and accompanist.

AMERICAN HIGHWAYS #106: Piano Music of William Bolcom


opening and closing music: improvisations by Guy Livingston

William Bolcom
I. Choro – Homage to Nazareth
II. Recuerdos; II. Paseo – a la memoire de Louis-Moreau Gottschalk
III. Valse Venezolano – a la memoire de Ramon Delgado Palacios
Elisabeth and Marcel Bergmann, duo pianists
Naxos 8559244

William Bolcom
3 Dance Portraits; No. 3. Abbacadabra
Ursula Oppens, pianist
Naxos NAM 8559832-34

William Bolcom
12 Piano Etudes (revised 1966 version)
Christopher Taylor, pianist
Naxos NAM 8559832-34

2 comments to “Podcast 106: Bolcom’s Piano Music”
  1. Wonderful, Guy! Bill is one of our National Treasures, and will be 80 this year! Incidentally, you may not be aware of Bill’s 2010 “Prometheus” for piano, orchestra and chorus, a powerful work quite different from his other more mainstream style compositions. “Prometheus” brings forth many deep soul spots of Bill in a work which he intended to epitomize the world at the time he composed the work between 2008-10. (It is available via Naxos from the world premiere).

    • you’re right – I have only heard about Prometheus, never actually heard the music. Maybe a future radio show?

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