Rothko: Silence & Solitude

American artist Mark Rothko created a radical style which continues to influence painting and design today. The exhibit at the GemeenteMuseum in Den Haag is a retrospective of his work.

In this episode of American Highways, we view an imaginary tour of Rothko’s paintings, which are paired with music of his friends John Cage and Morton Feldman; but also music of Devotchka, Brad Meldhau, Dan Tepfer, and Charles Ives. A minimalist search for intimacy.

This show makes the perfect alternative audio guide to the exhibit at the GemeenteMuseum in The Hague. Download the podcast and listen while you view the exposition! And it’s free!

rothko lego

4 comments to “Rothko: Silence & Solitude”
  1. Thanks for this Guy, going to the Gemeente museum soon. Just wondering where I can download it as a podcast. I can only find the link to stream it from uitzending gemist.

    • I’ve just emailed it to you as a link. Anyone else who prefers a downloadable file (instead of the streaming podcast) is welcome to leave a comment here, and I’ll send it to you.

    • I put it on We Transfer. I downloaded it at my Android tablet. Send me your email address and you can download it later.

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