The Bug S2#3: Drumming on the highway

music in time of quarantine…


AC/DC Highway to Hell

Alanna Battat – Eclipse, from Recognize

Manfred Mann’s Earthband



drummer on the highway

Who says the world is getting quieter this week? This fellow was parked along the Dutch A4 highway, practicing his drums.



Listen to Alanna’s album on Spotify:



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2 comments to “The Bug S2#3: Drumming on the highway”
  1. I missed this episode and am enjoying it, especially hearing about your brother in CA – fondly remembering you two performing at the Classics at the Laurel series I worked on. Thanks for taking the Music as Truth Teller idea and running with it for your most recent episode! I’m thinking of “The Romance of Schizophrenia” album by Frank Pahl as appropriate quarantine music, in case you’re seeking more. (He did a series of “the romance of ….” and I love his crazy ways with toys and chance.

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