The Bug S2#1: when time stops

I took this photo of a brass clock on the rue Chaplin in Paris a few months ago. Suddenly it all makes sense.

The Bug is back – this is Season Two, episode #1. I wasn’t planning to start so soon, but my concert tour has been cancelled – with no more performances in the foreseeable future; indeed who knows when we can all travel again?

My creative life as a performer is entirely about the group experience, the opposite of social distancing. My musician colleagues are at home, not on-stage. And the audience is at home too. What does this mean for culture, for community, for art, for cohesion?

Join me tonight at 6pm GMT+1 (or anytime thereafter via streaming) as I present a podcast in the time of coronavirus.

The original bug referred to the spooky ex-embassy where I have my recording studio. I never planned for this double meaning. But it seems appropriate enough.



By the way, since you are here, and reading this, and hopefully enjoying the podcast, please consider donating a dollar or three. Like many musicians, I’ve lost my income for the foreseeable future, so would appreciate the help:

click here to donate the amount of your choice to Guy Livingston for his podcasting work

…and in return, I will make a podcast every week for our quarantine’d time!



Here’s a funny composition by Jeff DePaoli:

coronavirus etude by Jeff DePaoli

Thanks to Alanna for sharing this


Kiasmos on Erased Tapes

Italians singing from their balconies

Sophie Dunér


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