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Press for Sixty Seconds
Münchner Merkur
A microcosm of the very newest music ...Modern music is rarely so multi-dimensional, rich in changes and

Here one finds only winning minutes. Livingston jumped from one musical idiom to the next with fantastic skill.

Sports Illustrated
After striking the piano’s soundboard with a ball to create the final note, he tossed it high into the air and caught it.
“It’s a piece about risk,” said Livingston. “You can’t drop the ball.”

Le Monde
“Don’t Panic” applies above all to the pianist himself, required to display—notably during the interpretation of this
collection in concert—an incredible versatility. ...superbly shows off Guy Livingston’s vocal and fingerwork

Süddeutsche Zeitung
It is hard to decide whether to marvel more over Livingston’s breathtaking ability, his high musical intelligence, or
his theatrical humor.

American Record Guide
Livingston's playing is assured and expert...

Classics Today
This is one of the freshest and most entertaining new music piano discs of 2001, and it deserves to sell millions...
splendid engineering... affable and imaginative. (10/10)

Piano Magazine
The variety of languages is astonishing: Within the imposed temporal economy, the composers create radical and
independent worlds, full of charm or anguish. In sync with the acceleration of humanity’s daily life, this disc is a
fertile and thought-provoking experience. Coup de Coeur Award