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the story of the invention – a collaborative effort between actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil

Much to my astonishment, I have become briefly (and marginally) famous for my role (miniscule) in a film about Hollywood beauty Hedy Lamarr. Not only was she the sexiest woman on screen in the 1940s and 50s, but she also was an inventor, and worked with my favorite composer, George Antheil, on a patent for a “secret communications device”. Although nothing came of their brilliant invention, it turned out to be a stunning preview of frequency hopping, a technique which is used in wifi and cell phones, and makes our current world possible. The film about Hedy, called “Bombshell” is now available on Netflix – enjoy it, and look out for my cameo, talking about…torpedoes!

The latest development in this story is that choreographer Meryl Tankard has crafted a marvelous and high-energy dance for the Zurich Ballet (premiere January 20, 2024 at the Zurich Opera). Here are some rehearsal photos:

Don’t Panic: 60 Seconds

“a feast for the eye and for the ear” — Radio 4, Holland

4 degrees above zero

Sixty Videos, Sixty Composers, Sixty World Premieres by and for Guy Livingston


“What if 60 composers from 18 countries each wrote 60 seconds for solo piano?” Don’t Panic! Livingston handles the show with an expert vison and masterful storytelling skills. Anecdotes of composers and mishaps are mixed with insight into the very nature of time.

Featured on the front page of the New York Times, in Le Monde, and on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition.

Ruby, music by David Dramm;
film by Menno Otten
Little Angel, music by Peter Klatzow;
film by Juan de Graaf
Last Minute Tango, music by Frank J. Oteri; film by Thijs Schreuder
The Piece that Anton Webern Wrote, music by Anders Jallen;
film by Nelleke Koop

“A great performance, visually and musically”
— NRC Handelsblad

Interview on National Public Radio
Music by Marek Zebrowski, performed by Guy Livingston