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MINI-FESTIVAL: Almost Silence

Guy Livingston is curating a mini-festival of music and silence in The Hague in June 2021. Featured artists are flutist Ned McGowan, poet Nafiss Nia, writer and radio-maker Aletta Becker, violinist Monica Germino, and pianist Saskia Lankhoorn. Concerts will take place mostly in The Hague, in June. See the menu above for details. Each event will feature musical or poetic themes of loss, disappearance, absence, calm, and quiet. June 13 “Almost Silence”, a piano concert by Guy Livingston in a

Moon Gallery Artwork

Moon Gallery

Guy Livingston is one of a hundred artists selected to create art for the Moon Gallery, which will probably be launched into space and land on the moon in 2022. This project, sponsored by ESTEC (European Space Agency) offers the chance to reflect on the issues of colonization, space travel, memory, politics, and space-time. From now until January 1st, you can view a model of the Moon Gallery and many of the artworks, including mine, at the old Observatory of


Music and Architecture

“A pianist with a flair for modernism”   The New York Times  Music and Architecture have been linked philosophically and physically since at least the time of the ancient Greeks. In today’s world, some of these connections have been forgotten, while others have only become possible with new technology. The world of virtual reality, digital audio, wifi, and miniaturized electronics are opening up a magnificent spectrum of options. Guy Livingston studied music and architecture at Yale University. He is currently in