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Moon Gallery

I tried to incorporate some themes of silence and movement, quietness and activity, into my artwork. Although I have been designing artist boxes for years, this is the smallest one I ever made, at just under 1 cubic centimeter. “Quiet Spheres” is inspired by the 5 LaGrange points in outer space, which are gravitationally ‘neutral’ in relation to the earth and the sun (or the moon). My artwork is part of the Moon Gallery, which is currently orbiting the earth every 90 minutes on the International Space Station.

Music and Outer Space

I’m involved in several projects related to music, sound, silence, and space travel. Aside from the lecture below, I’ve also recently participated in a show at the Leiden Observatory. This is related to my contribution to a conceptual Moon Gallery which could be launched and landed on the Moon as early as 2022. 

poster from a recent lecture at Tufts University, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing…