Animals: Predator and Prey

Part 1 of a series on animals: Cats, Mice, Peacocks, a sick Eagle, a dead Moth, and a fighting Minotaur. (After last month’s series on music and politics, I thought it was time for a paws.)

Bill Evans and Charles Griffes both were inspired by peacocks

No animals were harmed in the making of this show – it’s true that one was dead (Bolcom’s Moth) and one was sick (Ives’ Eagle) but that had nothing to do with us. Join Guy Livingston tonight as he assembles an eclectic menagerie from the American 20th century.

Cowell’s Cat and Carter’s Minotaur are intimidating four-legged predators in this episode of American Highways. Meanwhile, Taj Mahal brings us a different kind of animal, in his sexy song, “Wild Ox Moan.”


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Theme Music :
Steve Reich. The Desert Music (1984)
First Movement (Fast).
Chorus of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Michael Tilson Thomas & William Carlos Williams. Nonesuch Records 79101.

William Bolcom
1. The Dead Moth Tango (1983-84)
Ursula Oppens, piano
Music and Arts CD-4862(2 )

Henry Cowell
2. Because The Cat
Mary Ann Hart, mezzo soprano; Jeanne Golan, piano
Albany Troy 240

Charles Ives
3. Like A Sick Eagle
Antoine Palloc, piano & Rayanne Dupuis, soprano.
Soupir S 221

Charles Griffes
4. The White Peacock from Roman Sketches
Roger Shields, pianist
VoxBox CD 3X 3027

Bill Evans
5. The Peacocks
Bill Evans, pianist; Eddie Gomez, bass; Eliot Zigmund, drums.
Warner Bros 7599-23504-2

Elliott Carter
The Minotaur
6. Scene 1: Overture (1:00)
7. Scene 1: Queen Pasiphaë Prepares For A Tryst With The Sacred Bull (3:49)
8. Scene 1: Entrance Of The Bulls & The Sacred Bull (0:38)
9. Dance Of The Bulls & Pasiphaë With The Sacred Bull (2:37)
10. Interlude; Pasiphaë’s Heartbeat Becomes The Pounding Of Hammers Used In Building The Labyrinth (1:18)
11. Scene 2: Building The Labyrinth To Imprison The Minotaur Who Destroys Men (2:00)
12. Scene 2: Entrance Of King Minos (1:44)
13. Scene 2: Carter: The Minotaur – Scene 2: The Greeks & Theseus, Forgetting Ariadne, Leave Crete (3:39)
14. Scene 2: Selection Of Greek Victims To Be Sent Into The Labyrinth (1:08)
15. Scene 2: Scene 2: Ariadne, Princess Of Crete: Dances With Theseus, A Greek Victim (4:26)
16. Scene 2: Scene 2: Greek Victims Are Driven Into The Labyrinth (1:40)
17. Scene 2: Theseus’ Farewell To Ariadne As He Enters The Labyrinth (1:54)
18. Scene 2: Ariadne Unwinds Her Thread As Theseus, Entering The Labyrinth, Pulls The Thread After Him (1:20)
19.Scene 2: Theseus Fights & Kills The Minotaur (As His Movements Are Transmitted To Ariadne Who Is Holding The Other End Of The Thread) (1:14)
20. Scene 2: Ariadne Rewinds Her Thread To Lead Theseus Out Of The Labyrinth (1:56)
21. Scene 2: The Thread Breaks. Ariadne Is Greatly Dismayed (1:32)
22. Scene 2: Theseus & Some Of The Greeks Emerge From The Labyrinth & Rejoice (1:04)
Gerard Schwarz: New York Chamber Symphony
Electra Nonesuch 9-792-48-2

Taj Mahal
23. Wild Ox Moan
Rewind-Columbia 491692 2


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