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Mostly I don’t write self-referential material on this site, but it’s also fun to take stock as we begin a new year.

A band called “Livingstone” – nothing to do with me, but oddly enough, they are based in Paris!


Here are the relative popularities of my autumn podcasts:

podcasts doing well

And also some welcome news: I’ll be doing more documentaries this year, with two major new projects:

blitzstein-circlesMarc Blitzstein, a musical biography, in 4 episodes. Commissioned by the Kurt Weill Foundation in New York City, this will be broadcast over the WFMT Radio Network in Chicago and beyond. Stay tuned for much more! Blitzstein is a remarkable political and musical figure, whose music has not gotten sufficient recognition.



cowell-circlesAnd another major project is a symphonic survey – the first ever! – of Henry Cowell‘s music. Amongst other firsts, this will include the premiere broadcast of the Madras Symphony, and hopefully several other major and unknown works. Overall, the show will span Cowell’s entire life, and attempt for the first time to include all his orchestral music in one broad, overarching statement.



ketzel-circlesOf course Ketzel remains in the news. The late cat, who composed just one work, remains more famous than her patron, mentor, and teacher, Morris Cotel. Ketzel’s music is sparse, simple, and marked by unusual clarity (or that’s what the jury said, in any case).



vanessa-circlesMeanwhile, Vanessa Lann’s CD continues to do well, as fans of her work will appreciate. I’ve been promoting the piece I perform on that album: Double D.


Here’s a photo of our innovative cross-promotion strategy…what do you think?!



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