Podcast 103: Feather Breath Mirror

In this episode of American Highways, pianist Guy Livingston brings us music by Alan Hovaness and Eric Chasalow – two contrasting composers – who bring intensity and attention to detail to their work. Chasalow’s pieces are romantic in a French avant-garde style; while Hovhaness’ are anchored in the landscape, with a lush romantic lyricism.


Theme Music:
Jan Jeroen (J.J.) Spijkervet & Immersive Sound
“American Highways” Jingle
Sounds About Right
composed for Concertzender

Alan Hovhaness
Concerto For Two Pianos & Orchestra (1954)
1. Andante
2. Largo
3. Moderator
Martin Berkofsky; Konstantin Krimets: Globalis Symphony Orchestra
Black Box BBM 1103

Eric Chasalow
Trois Espaces Du Son:
I. Dramatic, Deliberate
II. Driven, With Energy
III. Meditative and Resonant
Ancuza Aprodu, Thierry Miroglio
Suspicious Motives Records 2014

Alan Hovhaness
Concerto No. 8 for Orchestra (1957)
I. Andante
II. Moderato
III. Andante
IV. Allegro Molto
V. Andante
David Amos: Philharmonia Orchestra
Crystal Records CD810

Closing tune:
Tom Sawyer
Super America
The Bad Plus
E1 Records: EOM-CD-2112

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