Podcast 111: “Classical:Next”

Showcasing highlights from last week’s music conference in Rotterdam, pianist Guy Livingston brings us music by Gabriela Ortiz, Caroline Shaw, Georgina Derbz; performed by the Edge Ensemble, The Piano and Erhu Project, the Q-Arte Cuartetto, Brouwer Trio, Roomful of Teeth, and many others. All from last week’s conference and festival at De Doelen concert hall, “Classical:Next”. Enjoy these new discoveries!

American Highways #111: “Classical:Next”

Theme Music
American Highways Jingle
Sounds About Right

Roomful of Teeth at Classical:Next 2018

Caroline Shaw
Roomful of Teeth Ensemble
Bandcamp October 2012

Collective improvisation
Edge Ensemble: Brendan Faegre, drums/director ; James Hewitt, baroque violin ; Christof May, bass clarinet ; Vasilis Stefanopoulos, doublebass ; Oscar Jan Hoogland, piano ; Marie Guilleray, vocals

Judd Greenstein
Roomful of Teeth
Bandcamp October 2012

the Q-Arte quartet performed in costume

Gabriela Ortiz
Altar de Muertos
Cuarteto Q-Arte: Juan Carlos Higuita and Liz García on violin, Sandra Arango on viola and Diego García on cello

Aaron Gervais
Who made the Inch of Grass
PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) Nicole Ge Li, erhu; Corey Hamm, piano

VEIN ensemble played at WORM (Rotterdam nightclub)

Maurice Ravel, arr.
5 o’clock Foxtrot

Georgina Derbz
De Ser Intangible
Brouwer Trio: Carlos Apellániz, piano ; Elena Solanes, violoncello ; Jenny Guerra, violin ; Miguel Ángel Berbis, electronics
Unreleased (live at Classical:Next)

Closing tune:
David King
Super America
The Bad Plus
E1 Records: EOM-CD-2112

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