Podcast: Canyon


Tonight’s show will feature music of Ferdinand Grofé, Jerome Moross, Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, and a Navaho PowWow song. This is Guy Livingston’s tenth musical show about the American Landscape. In this series, I am hoping to depict the grandeur and epic scale—but also the erosion and loss—of the American landscape. Ferde Grofé’s bombastic tone-paintings are symphonic flag-waving crowd-pleasers. This episode features his Grand Canyon Suite.


Theme Music :
Jan Jeroen (J.J.) Spijkervet & Immersive Sound
“American Highways” Jingle
Sounds About Right
composed for Concertzender

Jerome Moross
McKay In Blanco Canyon
Conducted by Jerome Moross
Harkit Entertainment HRKCD 8424

Ferde Grofé
Grand Canyon Suite
6. Sunrise
7. The Painted Desert
8. On the Trail
9. Sunset
10. Cloudburst
William T. Stromberg: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Naxos 8.559007

Philip Glass
The Canyon
Robert Shaw, cond: The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Sony Classical ‎– 01-046352-10

Navajo Pow Wow Song
Marco Wize
Stillwater Sound 782478914422

Hans Zimmer
featuring Pete Haycock
MCA Music MCAD-10239

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