A Reflective Patriotism

Can music be patriotic without being bombastic? Must all patriotic music (think Star Spangled Banner) be military in reference? Of course not. Today’s show, in memory of the victims of 9/11, strives to show a more reflective, thoughtful side of patriotism, as composed by George Antheil, Charles Ives, and Walter Smith III.

Charles Ives drew from a chaotic and almost absurdist array of folk tunes, spirituals, college drinking songs, and 19th century transcendental philosophy to create his understated Second Symphony. George Antheil went for a more direct approach, illustrating Washington’s crossing of the Delaware with entertaining forthrightness. Walter Smith III and Laurent Coq crafted a meticulously detailed jazz album based on Lafayette’s adventures in America.

American Highways # 24

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Theme Music :
Steve Reich. The Desert Music (1984)
First Movement (Fast).
Chorus of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Michael Tilson Thomas & William Carlos Williams.
Nonesuch Records 79101.

IvesStamp1997Walter Smith III
General George Washington
Laurent Coq, piano; Walter Smith III, tenor sax; Joe Sander, basses; Damion Reid, drums.
Jazz & People J PCD815003

George Antheil
McKonkey’s Ferry
“Washington At Trenton” – A Concert Overture
Theodore Kuchar conducting the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Naxos 8.559033

Charles Ives
Symphony #2
1. Andante Moderato (6:18)
2. Allegro (14:03)
3. Adagio Cantabile (8:36)
4. Lento Maestoso (2:23)
5. Allegro Molto Vivace (10:20)
Kenneth Schermerhorn: Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Naxos 8.559076

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