Rush Hour: Jazz at 6pm

Rush Hour Episode #9: Muziek tussen jazz en klassiek. Between jazz and classical music.

From Dan Tepfer, a young pianist trained in Paris, who graduated from the New England Conservatory only a few years ago; to Joe Zawinul, famous for co-founding Weather Report, and classically trained in Vienna, before himself studying in Boston in the early 1960s… fifty years apart, these musicians share (along with Dave Anderson, also on the playlist) a common background in classical music, mixed with gifted and original jazz performance and improvisation.


Dave Anderson
Immigrant Suite:
1. Juror Number One
2. Querida
Dave Anderson, sopr sax; Dave Restivo, piano; Hans Glawishnig, bass; Memo Acevedo, drums; Roberto Quintero, perc.
Label 1 L12004-2


Michael Jackson
3. Billie Jean
John Coltrane
4. Moment’s Notice
Joe Henderson
5. Inner Urge
6. Not for Sissies
Dan Tepfer Trio
DIZ productions 2007

William Fischer
7. Baptismal
8. The Fifth Canto
Joe Zawinul
9. Money In the Pocket
Joe Zawinul, electric piano; Kermit Moore, electric cello; Warren Smith, percussion; Richard Davis, bass…
Rhino Records (2) ‎– R2 71675


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