The Bug #11: Stockhausen’s new clothes

Postcast #11: featuring special guest Ned McGowan, in conversation with Guy Livingston

“Aus Licht” consists of extracts from the excruciatingly long and bombastic opera “Licht” by Karlheinz Stockhausen – fortunately livened by occasional flashes of genius…the opera is in many modules, divided into 7 days of the week, each of which have their own color, their own aroma, their own symbol. The lighting and production values are fantastic, really mind-blowing. But the gestures, costumes, and video leave a lot to be desired. And the music ranges from weak to dated. Rarely, but at least once day, there are amazingly beautiful sections, some sung, and some for flute.

This podcast discusses the helicopter quartet of Stockhausen (the audio here is from a prior production); Apocalypse Now‘s helicopter-infused soundtrack of Wagner; and Ballet mécanique by George Antheil. Enjoy!


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