The Bug S2#2: When the music stops


Tonight at 6pm…Ned and I are co-hosting The Bug. We taped our conversation last night, and had a really good time, though there are minor technical issues which I’m sure you (our audience) will forgive, under the circumstances. We talked about rivers and starting trumpet lessons, about disasters and artistic inspiration in dark times. We spoke of silence and noise!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to think about contributing to the podcast via the paypal link below.


River Man – Brad Mehldau Trio

Dual Track Grinder – by Ned McGowan – performed by Hexnut

City Shimmy – by Jaromír Weinberger, performed by Gottlieb Wallisch

Express Train – by and with Sophie Dunèr, together with the string septet Present Music (arrangement by Eric Segnitz, conducted by David Bloom) Live in Milwaukee, February 14, from The Avant Garden Of Love, taped at Jan Serr Studio, Milwaukee.

Sonata op. 111 – L v Beethoven – performance by Sokolov

Fifth Symphony – by Mr. Louis Beethoven – commentary by PDQ Bach – actually Robert Dennis and Peter Schickele



By the way, since you are here, and reading this, and hopefully enjoying the podcast, please consider donating a dollar or three. Like many musicians, I’ve lost my income for the foreseeable future, so would appreciate the help:

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Some bonus stuff:

Ned and I had the luck to perform in Leiden last month on the same evening at Miss Tamara…I’m a new fan of her nostalgic songs!



An italian soundscape from March 14th – there are more online…



Thanks to Mauro Piccinini, Hugh Livingston, Laura Prichard, Sophie Duner, Alanna Battat, Jill and Dave, Joel and Leslie, Donal, Morna, Renzo, Maria, Udo, John Gridley, Gijs, Kees Went, Aletta Becker, Ned McGowan, and Anders.

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