June 21 The Bug #11 Live Podcast Performance, Lange Voorhout 102, The Hague.

December 28 Canto Ostinato for four pianos, by Simeon Ten Holt. Multimedia performance at De Doelen, Rotterdam.


March 25 Lecture Yale College, New Haven, Connecticut.

March 27 Lecture-Performance New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts.

March 24 Tears at Happy Hour with soprano Rayanne Dupuis. Baruch College Performing Arts Center, New York City.

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Welcome to The Bug. I’m your host, Guy Livingston. It's a podcast about music and secrets...



1 month 1 week ago

working on a new program - thinking about music and architecture a lot these days - wish I could sit down with Brunelleschi and Dufay and have a good chat...


5 months 5 days ago

Did you ever have a muse? check out my new podcast - the last of season one of The Bug, all about inspiration and muses. With sublime music by Schumann and Mahler, complexities by Stockhausen (actually some of his best stuff) and a ridiculous song by Tom Lehrer! Musing on…


6 months 3 weeks ago

this marvelously dada video is worth watching (no, the ending might seem a little hollow, but it's not) Charles Ives lives!


7 months 1 week ago

here's last week's podcast, while you wait for tonight's episode to drop...